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Welcome to the Association of Small, Medium, and Micro Business Enterprises in Botswana (ASMMEB)! We are a robust collective of diverse business owners who understand the transformative power of local entrepreneurship and its essential role in building a resilient, equitable, and inclusive economy.

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Advocacy, Networking, and Growth

Through ASMMEB, we unite to address the unique challenges faced by small, medium, and micro enterprises, working tirelessly to create a favorable business environment and stimulate economic growth within our beautiful country. 

We provide a powerful platform for advocacy, networking, and shared learning, aimed at unlocking the enormous potential of SMMEs.

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Empowering Local Entrepreneurs

Whether you're a small business owner seeking support, an entrepreneur looking for resources to grow your enterprise, a larger organization aiming to collaborate with SMMEs, or a government entity wishing to understand the needs of local businesses, ASMMEB is your go-to association.  

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Shaping the Future Together

Join us as we work collectively to shape the future of Botswana's economy, making it more vibrant, diversified, and citizen-driven. Together, let's foster the growth and success of SMMEs in Botswana and beyond.

Changing the world is possible.
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